Poros Port Kefalonia

Poros Port Kefalonia
Poros Port Kefalonia

Poros is a seaside town that combines mountain and sea.
The green landscapes are followed by beautiful shores and create scen-eries of unique style.
Poros has contemporary hotel units, taverns, cafes and bars.
The beach of Poros is rather cosmopolitan, with a length of more than 2km, surrounded by small, protected ports and golden shores with crys-tal clear waters.
Poros is of great archaeological interest. In Bourtzi location, the excava-tions brought into light a dome-shaped grave of Mycenae period.
It is one of the most important findings and proves that the region was inhabited since 1400BC.
The grave is one of the best saved in the island. It is built with square gigantic rocks with a diameter of 7m.
Many golden jewels, copper tools and seals were found.