Kefalonia Yachting Services

Our company operates as yachts support agent,

offering a variety of onboard and ashore services, as well as,

bunkering with our own fuel trucks.


Pleasure or Business, our expertise team can handle everything on your behalf

and carry out the most demanding request with discretion and consistency.

Merging our knowledge of the local businesses and

our association partnership with key suppliers and provisioners,

we are able to cater all of your needs and desires efficiently and swiftly.

Believing that the passengers, as well as the captain and the crew,

must receive the best quality of hospitality, onboard and ashore,

our service is always responding to the level of detail they expect.

VIP treatment is dignity and intelligence.



Overall Exclusive Support

can make your trip a carefree and enjoyable journey.

Controlled by our headquarters and managed on 24h basis,

by one of our office’s specialized experts, whose duty is to be at any port,

from entering to exiting points, prior to arrival,

during the ship’s itinerary in the Hellenic Seas,

having organized everything according to your requests, desires, ideas…

Therefore, we strongly believe that, KEFALONIA YACHTING and its people

are the best choice to make your visit,

to the largest and most charming island of the Ionian Sea,

an unforgettable experience.


Welcome to Kefalonia





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